How rowing complements weight loss?

How rowing complements weight loss?


Rowing has been proven to be a great exercise option. The main benefit of rowing is that it allows the exercising of more muscles than virtually any other equipment. At the same time, it offers a great balance between the lower and the upper body muscles. This article will look into some of the benefits of rowing for weight loss.

rowing complements weight loss

More calories burnt than other fitness equipment:

Weight loss is best achieved over a long term routine, and rowing is one of the activities that can assist in doing this. Apart from working out several parts of the body, rowing is known to burn more calories. With this done, the risk of accumulation and later this being turned into fats by the body is eliminated. As a result, it makes the best calories burning fitness equipment that makes weight loss a reality. This is more so for long term use.

Ideal for starters:

Some workout exercises have been known to have a negative effect for starters. This is more so depending on the part of the body that is being worked out. In fact, the majority of them require close supervision to ensure that the user does not get hurt. However, with the use of the rowing machine, this is not the case. There is also the benefit that numerous parts of the body gets worked on thus being well balanced.

Easy storage and small exercise area:

For the majority of the people, there is a limitation of the space available. This is both regarding the space to work out as well as where to store the equipment. Luckily enough, rowing machines are foldable while others detachable thus storage is a non-issue. When it comes to workout area, this is also minimal with the benefit of it being portable.

Several workouts thus interesting:

Rowing offers a variety of work out routines, and this makes it interesting and engaging. In return, this makes it possible for the users to enjoy doing it over and over again. In this approach, much is achieved compared to other training exercises.


There have been instances of people being hurt during training exercises using different equipment or even without. This is at time inevitable with some equipment. However, with the appropriate use of rowing machines, the safety of the user is ensured.

Little stress on the body:

The fact that all the parts of the body are adequately worked on, this ensures that there is little stress on the body. With this, it possible to enjoy the routine and thus achieve more. At the same time, this also reduces the injuries inflicted on the body tissues.


Rowing machines emit a low amount of noises, and this makes them great indoor workout equipment. This is possible from the fact that there are few moving parts and also that there is no impact being created. The low noise makes it easy to use the equipment virtually at any time without causing interruptions.

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